Prof. Liqing Chen

Liqing Chen, Ph.D.

Associate Research Professor
Department of Chemistry
Graduate Faculty of Biotechnology, Chemistry and Materials Science
Associate Director and Head of X-Ray Crystallography
Laboratory for Structural Biology
Materials Science Building, Room 239
University of Alabama in Huntsville
Huntsville, AL 35899
Phone: (256) 824-6278
Fax: (256) 824-6349


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Research interests:
X-ray crystallography; structural biology; structure-based drug design, lead discovery and optimization;


  1. Crystal structure of a triacylglycerol lipase from Penicillium expansum at 1.3 A determined by sulfur SAD. Chuanbing Bian, Cai Yuan, Liqing Chen, Edward J. Meehan, Longguang Jiang, Zixiang Huang, Lin Lin and Mingdong Huang, Proteins 78, 1601-1605 (2010).
  2. Trp2313-His2315 of factor VIII C2 domain is involved in membrane binding: structure of a complex between the C2 domain and an inhibitor of membrane binding. Zhuo Liu, Lin Lin, Cai Yuan, Gerry A. F. Nicolaes, Liqing Chen, Edward J. Meehan, Bruce Furie, Barbara Furie and Mingdong Huang, J. Biol. Chem. 285, 8824-8829 (2010).
  3. Structural basis of transport of lysophospholipids by human serum albumin. Shihui Guo, Xiaoli Shi, Feng Yang, Liqing Chen, Edward J. Meehan, Chuanbing Bian and Mingdong Huang, Biochem. J. 423, 23-30 (2009).
  4. Structure of an insect epsilon class glutathione S-transferase from the malaria vector Anopheles gambiae provides an explanation for the high DDT-detoxifying activity. Yujun Wang, Li Qiu, Hilary Ranson, Nongkran Lumjuan, Janet Hemingway, William N. Setzer, Edward J. Meehan and Liqing Chen, J. Struct. Biol. 164, 228-235 (2008).
  5. Atomic resolution structure of cucurmosin, a novel type 1 ribosome-inactivating protein from the sarcocarp of Cucurbita moschata. Xiaomin Hou, Edward J. Meehan, Jieming Xie, Mingdong Huang, Minghuang Chen and Liqing Chen, J. Struct. Biol. 164, 81-87 (2008).
  6. A new drug binding subsite on human serum albumin and drug-drug interaction studied by X-ray crystallography. Lili Zhu, Feng Yang, Liqing Chen, Edward J. Meehan and Mingdong Huang, J. Struct. Biol. 162, 40-49 (2008).
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  11. An-anti-urokinase plasminogen activator receptor (uPAR) antibody: crystal structure and binding epitope. Yongdong Li, Graham Parry, Liqing Chen, Jennifer A. Callahan, David E. Shaw, Edward J. Meehan, Andrew P. Mazar and Mingdong Huang, J. Mol. Biol. 365, 1117-1129 (2007). Abstract and Reprint (PDF file).
  12. Crystallization and preliminary crystallographic studies of Luffaculin 1, a ribosome-inactivating protein from the seeds of Luffa Acutangula. Xaio-Min Hou, Ming-Huang Chen, Jie-Ming Xie, Xiao-Ming Ye, Geng-Xiang Zhao, Feng Yang, Li-Qing Chen, Ming-Dong Huang, Chinese J. Struct. Chem. 25, 1035-1038 (2006). Reprint (PDF file).
  13. Structure of the SH3 domain of human osteoclast-stimulating factor at atomic resolution. Liqing Chen, Yujun Wang, David Wells, Diana Toh, Hunt Harold, Jing Zhou, Enrico DiGiammarino and Edward J. Meehan, Acta Crystallographica F62, 844-848 (2006). Abstract and Reprint (PDF file).
  14. An open conformation of switch I revealed by Sar1-GDP crystal structure at low Mg2+. Yijian Rao, Chuanbing Bian, Cai Yuan, Yongdong Li, Liqing Chen, Xiaoming Ye, Zixiang Huang, Mingdong Huang, Biochem. & Biophys. Res. Commun. 348, 908-915 (2006). Abstract and Reprint (PDF file).
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  16. Mutation of a conserved tryptophan in the chitin-binding cleft of S. marcescens chitinase A enhances transglycosylation. Nathan N. Aronson, Jr., Brian A. Halloran, Mikhail F. Alexyev, Xiaoyin E. Zhou, Yujun Wang, Edward J. Meehan & Liqing Chen, Biosci., Biotechnol., and Biochem. 70, 243-251 (2006). Abstract.
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